Nice la Belle

# Nice la Belle

Nice FR

Oct 2022

Dear Diary,
the weather has been good to all Europe, yet, I had the pleasure of a last summer breeze attending IMC'22. Thanks for an awesome welcome reception on the rooftop of the venue; thanks for many great talks, and super interesting (poster) discussions on Internet measurements.


Ski Boarderweek

# Ski Boarderweek

Val Thorens FR

Dec 2021

Dear Diary,
the weather could not have been any better - a cold week of sunshine! We hit Val Thorens for a relaxed but also sporty week of vacation staying at Chalet des Neiges Plein Sud; starting & ending each day directly at the slope. Silently saying goodbye to 2021.


I Amsterdam

# I Amsterdam

Amsterdam NL

Oct 2019

Dear Diary,
today exciting talks & meeting friends and colleagues find their ending, IMC'19.

Crater Lake

# Crater Lake

Crater Lake, OR US

May 2019

Dear Diary,
still heading north towards Portland & Seattle as planned. Filled stomach: ‘Hunter’-Burger at Beckie’s tasted A+. Next stop certainly has the most imaginative name for a lake, in a crater. Crater Lake.

Pacific Summer nights

# Pacific Summer nights

Mendocino, CA US

May 2019

Dear Diary,
Spent some days with friends within the Bay area after WWW'19 in SF; First night on my trip to Seattle.

Old Tanneries

# Old Tanneries

Cottbus DE

Apr 2019

Dear Diary,
Chóśebuz is a very old city rich in tradition. Due to smelly business, the tanneries were required to be built outside of the former city wall. One of the most famous persons here is Fürst von Pückler - worth a read. Visiting our friends at JodelHQ in Berlin and spending the weekend with Oliver for local sightseeing.

Abdij Rolduc

# Abdij Rolduc

Rolduc NL

Feb 2019

Dear Diary,
Abdij Rolduc near the city of Kerkrade and Aachen is a well-preserved medieval abbey complex. Nowadays, it incorporates a Hotel and is being used for events and meetings, like a LaBeCo research initiative retreat.



# Vienna

Vienna AT

Sep 2018

Dear Diary,
finishing off the ITC30 conference this year with some additional holidays.


almost straight

# almost straight

Pisa IT

Mar 2017

Dear Diary,
we lastly were checking out major sites after good project meetings at UNIPI. I present you the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was built in the 12th century in multiple stages.

Ancient times

# Ancient times

Helsinki FI

Feb 2017

Dear Diary,
after working on collaborative research with our friends from F-Secure, I was exploring the old sea-fortress Suomenlinna, also called Sveaborg (UNESCO World Heritage). It was supposed to protect against Russian expansion in the 18th century at the gates of Helsinki.

Hoher Ifen

# Hoher Ifen

Kleinwalsertal AT

Jan 2017

Dear Diary,
our yearly retreat once again takes place in the beloved Söllerhaus. Besides some snowboarding, we had lots of valuable discussions about internal processes, teaching, project(-acquisition)s and future science. Did you know that this place had been owned by RWTH?


Peleș Castle

# Peleș Castle

Sinaia RO

Sep 2016

Dear Diary,
to be remembered: A beauty of remains! Sort of an early present to our project Meeting in Bukarest with the NETSYS Group.

Modestly **pompous**

# Modestly pompous

Cambridge GB

Mar 2016

Dear Diary,
the historical city of Cambridge definitely is worth a visit! You literally can feel a weird Bri’ish academic culture on the streets. If you were wondering - accomodation at Churchill College near the UCAM Computer Science facilities; and a lovely dinner at Sidney Sussex College.



# The BEAN

Chicago, IL US

Oct 2013

Dear Diary,
unnecessary facts: This piece of art actually is called Cloud Gate created by Sir Anish Kapoor, built in 2006. Had a wonderful week meeting my colleagues from overseas and getting to know the ALDI US headquarters.

La danse fait son show!

# La danse fait son show!

Paris Bercy FR

Feb 2013

Dear Diary,
today, I believe this will be my biggest public appearance. Ever. Last blocking rehearsal before our Latin-dance formation performance themed Welcome to Las Vegas. Audience: 15k, no worries; Youtube Video.